Monday, January 2, 2012

100 Things

Here is list of 72 thing I would like to do sometime in my life.  I made this list quite a while ago so i've managed to complete a few of them, but I hope to get the list to 100 things before my birthday in May.  They aren't in any specific order but I hope to cross off as many as I can within the next couple years. 

1. Take a road trip with just my closest friends
2. Dance on top of a bar
3. See a Broadway musical on Broadway
4. Dye my hair... with permanent dye August 22, 2011-- with Morgan Dorcheus 
5. Get a 4.0
6. Jump off a waterfall
7. Run a half marathon
8. Bake and decorate a wedding cake August 5,2011 Caisa and Garrett Shoop
Not exactly the cutest but it was my first wedding cake and I had never practiced before.  What really matters is that the Bride and Groom loved it. 
9. Start my own business
10. Visit the Sacred Grove
11. Find the perfect cupcake recipe
12. Throw a surprise birthday party
13. Get married
14. Pull an all night study session
2 am and feeling fine!
Attempt number 1 November 21-22, 2011. 
Writing a ten page paper for English 2010 due at noon on the 22nd. I laid down on the couch at 3:00, fell asleep around 3:30 and the alarm went off at 6.
15. Visit every continent (minus Antarctica)
16. Graduate college with a BS
17. Cook Italian food in Italy
18. Kiss in the rain
19. Drive a convertible
20. Bake a souffle 
21. Be a bridesmaid 
22. Bake a killer Thanksgiving dinner
23. Design a wedding dress
24. See Big Ben
25. Stay in bed all day long on a day i'm not sick
26. Read the Book of Mormon in one month
27. Finally complete Pride and Prejudice
28. Do humanitarian work in another country
29. Build a blanket fort and watch General Conference in it
30. Have a water fight in the middle of the house
31. Ride in a horse drawn sleigh
32. Make someones bridal bouquet 
33. Get in a flour fight while baking
34. Go streaking (probably won't happen... EVER)
35. Hit the slots 
36. Shake an apostles hand
37. Go skinny dipping High School-- Torie Barlow's Pool 
38. Get proposed to by a drunk guy... or girl. 
39. Design another stage costume
40. Fall in love
41. Naked Saturday... or Sunday?
42. Buy a designer handbag. 

July 29, 2011 Juicy Couture 
43. Own a pair of designer shoes
44. Watch the sunrise with someone I love
45. Host a formal dinner party
46. Have a romantic winter campfire up the canyon 
47. Give birth to a watermelon sized object (child)
48. Read 12 books in a year
49. Get a Master's Degree just for the heck of it
50. Marry the love of my life... or at least someone I think is kind of alright ;)
51. Buy a house
52. Kiss a stranger
53. Teach someone to read
54. Sleep under the stars
55. Anonymously give a large amount of money to a charity
56. Participate in the Festival of colors
57. Lose a desired amount of weight on purpose
58. Play matchmaker 
59. Knit a rad awesome scarf and give it away
60. Be a vegetarian for a month
61. Go without sweets for a month
62. Give blood
63. Host a costume party and dress up as something fabulous 
64. Spend Christmas doing work for charity
65. Make my own pasta
66. Buy lunch for a homeless person
67. Leave a love note on someones windshield 
68. Send flowers to someone just because I can
69. Go to the Ballet
70. Listen to every song on my iPod without pressing skip
71. Leave a letter for myself in a library book and look for it in 10 years

As of this moment I can't think of any more but you better believe that I will post them when I do. 

72. Participate in Black Friday for my Aunt Vickie
Thanksgiving 2011
Jason and I went out and did some Black Friday shopping this year. Walmart started their sales at 10pm on Thanksgiving so that was our first stop.  We decided to conquer and defeat!  I went to the movies and Jason stayed at the video games.  It was crazy!  People pushing, grabbing and bodies packed together like sardines.  In the end I came out victorious and Jason did not.  I managed to get 15 good movies!

What are some things that are on your bucket list?