Thursday, December 29, 2011

Taken Aback- Part 3

Oh that Abercrombie polo!  Little did he know, that very polo would melt my heart and eventually give me butterflies.  He knew how to dress!  I had only seen him in person once but I knew that I had finally met someone who cared about wearing nice things just as much as I did.

As A.B. walked toward me confidently knowing that he looked good I gave a little wave of the hand to say hello and asked him how he was doing.  His eyes were brilliant blue, the kind of blue that makes your heart skip a beat but magically calm you as well, and his smile was slightly crooked to the left just like mine.  There was no need to confirm that we were both A and K, we knew.  We'd been texting for days and I'm positive there had been sufficient Facebook stalking.  

We chatted for a couple minutes and I teased him for wearing a green shirt.  We were matching and it was an odd coincidence, and it was kind of cute.  He had class on the other side of campus in a couple of minutes and I needed to go that direction so I offered to walk with him.

That walk from the TSC to South campus was incredibly awkward!  We talked about meaningless things like how he didn't enjoy going to class and I awkwardly interjected in the silences.  Oh it was so obvious that him and I weren't clicking!  My heart deflated with each passing minute.  I was out of my element and who knows where he was?  Did he even notice how awkward I was being?

As we got closer to our parting destination we both offered a quick goodbye.  There was no hug, no "it was nice to meet you" and no reason to think I had left a good impression.  As I walked past him back to my apartment all I wanted to do was glance back over my shoulder!  What if we had one of those moments like in the movies where each person looks over their shoulder, they make eye contact and know there is a connection?  I kept my eyes pointed in the direction of my apartment but did A.B.?  Did he look over his shoulder as I walked away?  

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Taken Aback- Part 2

A few more days pass since the stitches incident with us constantly texting each other and Walk a Mile is here and I'm stressed out beyond belief!  I've worked hard to make sure this event is a success and i'm worried that it won't turn out the way everyone has hoped.  To top things off i'm worried about meeting A.B. for the first time.  Will he think i'm cute?  Will he want to get to know me?  I might want to date him.  Oh goodness I think i'm going to puke i'm so worried.  I woke up at five that morning, put on the not-so-attracitve shirt that was made for the event and did my makeup and hair extra cute to make up for the less than attractive t-shirt. 

Things are going well and it looks like this years Walk-a-Mile is going to be a success!  I've been promoting our new campaign "Can I Kiss You" all day and my enthusiasm is running low.  I plaster a smile on my face and tell myself to "suck it up", after all i'm finally going to have the chance to meet this mystery boy who I have been talking to non stop for days.  When will he get here?

The event is soon coming to a close and A.B. and I haven't been able to meet up.  He said that he'd been through the TSC once already but the halls were too crowded to come stop by.  I had been too busy promoting our new campaign anyway; it was best that he hadn't distracted me.  Our texts back and forth convey that we really want to see each other and i'm getting frustrated that he isn't taking any initiative.  Finally I text him explaining that I've been working all day long and that it's not mandatory that I stay until everything has been cleaned up.  He replies that he will see me soon and as I realize that i'm finally going to be able to talk with A.B. in person my heart starts to race, i'm nervous and excited all at the same time!  As we clean off tables and pack up posters I make sure to check over my shoulder every couple minutes.  Every few minutes there is a quick glance up and down the hall but no sight of A.B.  Goodness, I want to meet this boy!  I've gotten to know quite a bit about him and he seems like a wonderful person.  He's charming, whitty, driven and from the pictures i've seen on Facebook he's pretty cute.

Almost everything has been put away and i'm getting worried that I'll be long gone by the time he gets to the TSC.  I help take back the last table and as i'm walking back to my backpack and jacket I look up to a sight that makes me smile.  Walking towards me in a green Abercrombie polo is A.B.