Thursday, April 29, 2010

Write Me a Story.

I've always been told that I'm a pretty good writer, that I just have an ability to sit down at the computer at put my thoughts on virtual paper. But, why does it seem that no matter how hard I try, and how long I contemplate that I'm never truly able to put my feelings into my blog posts? I can't seem to find any inspiration, and if I do find that I am inspired I don't feel like I want people to read what I have to say. Maybe the answer is to have a secret blog that no one knows about, where I can write everything down. How bugged I am by stupid things, how it seems like I just can't seem to catch a break, and even all my thoughts.

Decision made, I am going to create an awesome blog that no one knows about. I seem to feel better about life now.

Well I fear that I really need to shower and use the bathroom :)


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bucket List

Jason recently added his bucket list on his blog and it got me thinking that I should make one of my own. Not that I didn't already have one, just that I didn't have one that was actually written down. So here it goes, in no specific order... it starts today.

1. Find the one person who I'm supposed to spend eternity with.
2. Get married in the temple
3. Have children of my own.
4. Sing like no one is listening.
5. Cook Italian food in Italy.
6. Go to a foreign country to do service.
7. Kiss in the rain.
8. Save a child.
9. Bake and decorate a wedding cake.

There is more, I just can't think of them all.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hunger Pains!

Like clock work everyday around 3:30 pm I get severe hunger pains; the kid where it sounds like you have a bear living in your stomach.
Today while sitting in my Developmental Psychology class we were talking about The Family unit... blah blah blah... yeah I know that... I'm pretty sure I learned this stuff in my last class.

3:30-- the bear wakes up!

Then we started talking about families with gay and lesbian parents... Courtney (the grad student who teaches the class) then decides to just refer to them as GLBT families; actually meaning gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, trans-gendered... I think? This was a bad idea! I couldn't focus at all, and whenever she said GLBT my mind wondered even more.

GLBT; my new and fantastic acronym for a delicious sandwich! This sandwich can be enjoyed by those who are straight, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or trans-gendered... it covers all bases! The GLBT consists of guacamole (because avocados just aren't enough), lettuce, bacon, and tomato. Doesn't that sound so fantastic?! Answer: Yes, it sure does.

Well, that is what I learned today during Developmental Psychology.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Birthday Wish List

So I figured that if I don't ask for anything for my birthday that I won't be getting anything, so here is a list of some books that I need. I say need because they are some of my mandatory reading for next semester... I'm really excited! I'll have to purchase over 10 books that are not considered to be textbooks. Most of them are for my Dress and Humanity class, which I'm so excited for I could pee my pants!

PS. This is only for those of you who cannot decide what to get me! Except for Mom and Dad, I at least want something when I get home on the 7th of May.

Let Me Hear Your Voice- Marice
ISBN 9780449906644 Around $12

Learned Optimism- Seligman
ISBN 9781400078394 Around $10

Green is the New Black- Blanchard
ISBN 9780292738690 Around $18

End of Fashion- Agins
ISBN 9780060958206 Around $12

Fashion- Breward
ISBN 9780192840301 Around $20

Please don't all get me the same book. Try to collaborate! I have five more books I can add, I just really want to read these ones first.

If you decide you want to spend more than $20 I am in need of books that cost anywhere from $30- $128

Thank you and I love you

P.S. I also want:
Colorful Post-it Notes (post-it brand)
A pair of Tom's shoes $45
China Glaze nail polish $6
Forever 21 gift card $any
Summer clothing!
SHOES! (silver ballet flats are a must!)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Don't Pet My Peeve!

I have just noticed that there are way too many people out there who like to pet my peeve,
the world needs to be informed!
I have great respect for those people who go back to college when their
old (40, 50, 60+), my mom went back and got her degree when she was like 40 or something...
I'm so sick of you older people thinking that just because you have what you consider to be so much life experience that you try to teach the class.
For example: I have this OLD guy in my ethics class
(my favorite class! if you catch my sarcasm)
well, this guy thinks he's basically the cats pajamas, or maybe even the
bee's knees.
He sits in the back (the very back) of class and argue's with Dr. Sherlock.
For some reason this guy thinks that he know everything about ethics. I mean he's smart, don't get me wrong! He's also as annoying as heck. I don't care if you want to make a comment on something or ask the prof. to clarify something you don't understand, but if you do remember the one standing in the front of the class is the one with a PhD.
I paid-- meaning my parents paid good money for me to sit in this stupid class and listen to Sherlock, not you old dude in the back who is usually only partly correct.

That is all.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Luxury items that are completely taken for granted:

-The garbage disposal. I don't think you truly understand just how important the garbage disposal is until you go to college, don't have one and have a stinky that smells funny. What was once just sent down the drain now has to be carefully scraped off your plate and thrown in the garbage where it will then make your whole apartment smell weird.

-The washer and dryer in your home. Maybe this one is a no brainer, but not having the ability to do your laundry in your own home (where it is supposed to be done) really stinks. For example, a while ago I was going to do my laundry up at school (amazing, I know) and I was walking from my apartment to the laundry room with all my dirty clothes in tow. I opened the door to enter the main building and as I raise my eyes there is a whole group of guys from my ward standing right there. Talk about AWKWARD! I'm sitting there with all my dirty laundry; if it had been clean that is a different story. Clean laundry is attractive, it smells nice, it's fluffy... and it's not dirty, crumpled up, shoved in a basket and most of all people know where it has been.

-The dishwasher! Oh how I love thee! I can place my dirty dishes in you and some special soap, press a magic button, walk away, and when I come back you have graciously not only cleaned my dishes but have allowed them to dry within you. I think I love you.

-The oven light and window. I have a poor person over up at school :( Not only does it not have an oven light, but there is not awesome little window on the front so you can check up on what your baking without opening the door. Opening the door isn't that much of a hassle. Goodness, I'm not completely lazy. I just hate the fact that I like to check on my lovely baked goods fairly often. I wouldn't have to check on them so often if our temperature settings on the over actually worked correctly.

As of right now my one desire is to have a garbage disposal! One day I will be able to afford an apartment with this luxurious item... one day.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Free Headband

I am entering myself in yet another giveaway :) Busy Bee Lauren makes these uber cutie headbands and she is giving one away! This is what it looks like

I totally wish I had the time to make super cutie headbands like Lauren does! I think she has a great blog; she is an amazing photographer, she makes cutie head bands, and her outfits/ style is to die for! In short: Busy Bee Lauren, you ROCK!


Not too Shabby

Recently on MBP they were giving away a Shabby Apple dress that anyone who follows their blog could enter to win. All you had to do was blog about them, post a Facebook status about them, or Twitter about them.

When my brother saw that they were doing the giveaway he sent me a text telling me to enter because he thought I would love the dress. Which I did LOVE! I had already entered by the time I read his text, but I told him that he should enter for me. His reply was "don't worry, I already did". I'm pretty sure I have the best little (bigger brother) on the face of the planet!

Well the days go by and I'm curious to know who ends up winning. On Friday Jake and Calvin post on Facebook wondering if the can re-draw if they don't like the outcome of their drawing, as I read that I thought to myself "no, that's dishonest" thinking that they probably didn't think the girl was cute enough or something. Then I thought "what if they had picked my name" wouldn't that be sad if they had picked me and didn't think I was cute enough for the dress. I decided to let it go thinking that I had no chance of winning the oh so very pretty dress.

It's a Saturday night and I have nothing to do, so of course I go check my blog dashboard. Oh look, MBP is announcing who one the giveaway. [I start reading].

The next part is my thoughts while reading.

Oh, some girl who looks like she is kind of a punk and isn't even modest in her profile picture... wait, it says she didn't end up winning because her post wasn't valid.
The next girl didn't win either
Neither did the next. What is up with all these girls who win but didn't acutally win because their post wasn't valid

[I scroll to the end]

WAIT!!!! That's a picture of MY BROTHER! Start reading NOW!

My brother WON! Haha sucker girls, a fifteen year old guy won! Well, sort of... I'm kind of more the "Not too shabby, Shabby Apple winner"! My brother is giving the dress to me for my birthday when I get home from school on the 7th.

Best Boring Saturday Night EVER!

Thank you Jason, Jake and Calvin. I will love you forever and ever!


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gimme, Gimme!

I just about had the cutest thing happen the other day! I got a text from my brother that said that MBP was doing a give away and that I should enter to win. I told Jason that I had already looked at it and was planning on entering, I then told him that he should enter so I have more of a chance to win the dress. Here comes the cute part!!! He said that he had already entered in hopes of winning for me. He wins the best brother of the year award. Here's to you Jason!

So basically MBP is giving away a Shabby Apple dress :) If there is one thing that I do love it's the word free! I also LOVE MBP; almost as much as I love when I have the chance to get something really cute. All I have to say is gimme, gimme*! I want that dress!

* I would never say that in real life. I only used it for the purpose of writing this blog, I in no way expect to be given things.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Another Letter!

Why is it that whenever I get a letter from Brazil that my life is so much happier? Am I in love? No, I don't think so... What is love anyway? I'm pretty sure I love Starburst jelly beans, but I'm pretty sure love for a person isn't quite the same thing. Well anyway I was going to tell you how Brad is doing.

He's fine. The end.

Basically it wasn't all that great of a letter, but it still made my day. He sent me a picture! I'm excited to add it to my "stalker wall". Haha it's totally not a stalker wall though, he gave me all of those pictures... so it's all good.

The exact letter (for those of you who actually want to know what he sends me)

Dearest Kelsey
Thank you! Thank you for finally writing me a letter. When I read the return address on the letter I got way mad. I hadn't gotten mail from anyone for a long time. So when I read the return address and I didn't recognize it I got ticked but then as I read it I got a lot happier. It is a miracle It got to me. You mailed it to the MTC in Sao Paulo and from there they recognized my name (because I'm a legend there) and sent the letter with the missionaries coming to my mission. So you're lucky.
I thoroughly enjoyed the colorful letter, it was quite creative, the picture you drew of me was practically a photo. You have a good memory of how I look, tall and skinny :). It's good to hear you're hitting the books. Don't forget to read your scriptures as well! There is so much to be learned in the standard works. Just get the institute study manual and off you go. There is so much more than just "reading your scriptures" I am a year and 2 months on my mission and I still am studying Alma. You're a good girl (lady now, sorry) I know you can do it. So it was a little strange to hear you had a guy in your life. Little Kelsey has grown up. I especially liked the way you praised him, "he was a wonderful guy, and now he is gone..." I liked it a lot.
How do you know about Kayla? No I don't know, I haven't gotten a letter from her in a long time so I don't know what exactly is going on. But yeah, not important...
Things are going okay here. It's wicked hot! I am learning kung fu! When I get home I might be a white belt (the worst) but now I can hit someone and say "yeah, I meant to do that!". But yeah my life is pretty much going great. It has its ups and downs. My comp is dead, we are both going crazy from not getting letters etc... but other than that we're on the lords errand now so that is good.
I hope you gave a huge hug to everyone, especially those leaving on missions for me. It not you need to repent and do it :).
Kelsey, thanks again for the letter, I truly enjoyed hearing from you, and I hope to hear from you soon. Miss you tons! Tchau.

Well that is about all that is going on right now. I still miss him like crazy!


PS. I'm not waiting for him! I just miss one of my best friends.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Dance

There have been a couple of time today that I did a little happy dance.

Reason numero uno: I'm wearing cut off jeans
2: I'm wearing knee high socks under my cut off jeans
2.5: My knee high socks totally don't match!
3: I think I did really well on my statistics midterm
4: Jake and Calvin commented on one of my posts! It possibly might not have been them, but oh well I did an extreme happy dance!
5: I have the best April Fools day prank/joke up my sleeve! (more disturbing details to come!)