Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Don't Pet My Peeve!

I have just noticed that there are way too many people out there who like to pet my peeve,
the world needs to be informed!
I have great respect for those people who go back to college when their
old (40, 50, 60+), my mom went back and got her degree when she was like 40 or something...
I'm so sick of you older people thinking that just because you have what you consider to be so much life experience that you try to teach the class.
For example: I have this OLD guy in my ethics class
(my favorite class! if you catch my sarcasm)
well, this guy thinks he's basically the cats pajamas, or maybe even the
bee's knees.
He sits in the back (the very back) of class and argue's with Dr. Sherlock.
For some reason this guy thinks that he know everything about ethics. I mean he's smart, don't get me wrong! He's also as annoying as heck. I don't care if you want to make a comment on something or ask the prof. to clarify something you don't understand, but if you do remember the one standing in the front of the class is the one with a PhD.
I paid-- meaning my parents paid good money for me to sit in this stupid class and listen to Sherlock, not you old dude in the back who is usually only partly correct.

That is all.

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