Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gimme, Gimme!

I just about had the cutest thing happen the other day! I got a text from my brother that said that MBP was doing a give away and that I should enter to win. I told Jason that I had already looked at it and was planning on entering, I then told him that he should enter so I have more of a chance to win the dress. Here comes the cute part!!! He said that he had already entered in hopes of winning for me. He wins the best brother of the year award. Here's to you Jason!

So basically MBP is giving away a Shabby Apple dress :) If there is one thing that I do love it's the word free! I also LOVE MBP; almost as much as I love when I have the chance to get something really cute. All I have to say is gimme, gimme*! I want that dress!

* I would never say that in real life. I only used it for the purpose of writing this blog, I in no way expect to be given things.

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