Sunday, April 18, 2010

Not too Shabby

Recently on MBP they were giving away a Shabby Apple dress that anyone who follows their blog could enter to win. All you had to do was blog about them, post a Facebook status about them, or Twitter about them.

When my brother saw that they were doing the giveaway he sent me a text telling me to enter because he thought I would love the dress. Which I did LOVE! I had already entered by the time I read his text, but I told him that he should enter for me. His reply was "don't worry, I already did". I'm pretty sure I have the best little (bigger brother) on the face of the planet!

Well the days go by and I'm curious to know who ends up winning. On Friday Jake and Calvin post on Facebook wondering if the can re-draw if they don't like the outcome of their drawing, as I read that I thought to myself "no, that's dishonest" thinking that they probably didn't think the girl was cute enough or something. Then I thought "what if they had picked my name" wouldn't that be sad if they had picked me and didn't think I was cute enough for the dress. I decided to let it go thinking that I had no chance of winning the oh so very pretty dress.

It's a Saturday night and I have nothing to do, so of course I go check my blog dashboard. Oh look, MBP is announcing who one the giveaway. [I start reading].

The next part is my thoughts while reading.

Oh, some girl who looks like she is kind of a punk and isn't even modest in her profile picture... wait, it says she didn't end up winning because her post wasn't valid.
The next girl didn't win either
Neither did the next. What is up with all these girls who win but didn't acutally win because their post wasn't valid

[I scroll to the end]

WAIT!!!! That's a picture of MY BROTHER! Start reading NOW!

My brother WON! Haha sucker girls, a fifteen year old guy won! Well, sort of... I'm kind of more the "Not too shabby, Shabby Apple winner"! My brother is giving the dress to me for my birthday when I get home from school on the 7th.

Best Boring Saturday Night EVER!

Thank you Jason, Jake and Calvin. I will love you forever and ever!


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