Thursday, April 22, 2010

Birthday Wish List

So I figured that if I don't ask for anything for my birthday that I won't be getting anything, so here is a list of some books that I need. I say need because they are some of my mandatory reading for next semester... I'm really excited! I'll have to purchase over 10 books that are not considered to be textbooks. Most of them are for my Dress and Humanity class, which I'm so excited for I could pee my pants!

PS. This is only for those of you who cannot decide what to get me! Except for Mom and Dad, I at least want something when I get home on the 7th of May.

Let Me Hear Your Voice- Marice
ISBN 9780449906644 Around $12

Learned Optimism- Seligman
ISBN 9781400078394 Around $10

Green is the New Black- Blanchard
ISBN 9780292738690 Around $18

End of Fashion- Agins
ISBN 9780060958206 Around $12

Fashion- Breward
ISBN 9780192840301 Around $20

Please don't all get me the same book. Try to collaborate! I have five more books I can add, I just really want to read these ones first.

If you decide you want to spend more than $20 I am in need of books that cost anywhere from $30- $128

Thank you and I love you

P.S. I also want:
Colorful Post-it Notes (post-it brand)
A pair of Tom's shoes $45
China Glaze nail polish $6
Forever 21 gift card $any
Summer clothing!
SHOES! (silver ballet flats are a must!)

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Erin and Marc Dudley said...

I will get you some Poise pads, so when you pee your pants, you can do it with POISE! LOL :)