Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thought of the night

While brushing my teeth I came upon a very interesting finding sitting right inside my very own head.

Going to college is very similar to going to girls camp.

-It's something you look forward to for a very long time, but when the time finally comes you are a little nervous about leaving home.
-You go from living a very comfortable lifestyle to having to share a small space with a bunch of girls.
-You are practically never alone.
-Everyone brushes their teeth at the same time.
-Someone is always on their period.
-Drama is a given!
-You do everything in your power to get out of doing boring activities.
-There are tons of testimony building experiences.
-Somehow there always seems to be a lack of boys.
-Wearing pajamas in the middle of the day isn't weird at all, but considered to be quite normal.
-You never shower as much as you should.
-Your diet consists of junk food and a few other things.
-Staying up till wee hours of the morning laughing happens almost every night.
-You always look forward to going home, but once you are home you miss the girls you were able to spend so much time with.

Oh how I love the random thoughts that come to me while I'm brushing my teeth!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sniffle, sniffle... *tear*

WHY?! WHY, WHY, OH WHY?! My all time favorite blog; the only one I read as faithfully as I read my scriptures might be ending! My life is practically over.

I don't care what people say about Confessions from a Mormon Bachelor Pad, I thought it was fantastic! Jake and Calvin kept me sane on those crazy days where the school work piled up to my nose. There true identities supposedly have been exposed and as of this moment no one knows what is going to happen to the blog. It might be ending, but there is still a small chance that they aren't the people that this creeper/stalker has reveled them to be. Is it horrible to pray that the creeper was wrong and that their blog will continue?

I didn't always approve of the way the two of them lived their lives and I sometimes had a problem with the way they portrayed people of the LDS faith, but it does show that mormons are real people, we aren't all perfect and we make the same mistakes as everyone else. I'm just going to miss reading their blog :( I always chuckled at the comments that people would leave saying things like: I can't believe you boys would do something like that, you two are perverts, or, you should be ashamed... my question to those people are "have you ever met a boy?" their perverts!

I will be deeply sad if I am unable to continue to read this blog, I hope the person who exposed Jake and Calvin gets a good punch to the left kidney.

Love Kels

Spring Fashion

As I sat in business 115 this morning waiting for my economics class to start I decided to read the news, like I do every morning. There weren't any particularly good headlines. While looking at the Deseret news website I found an article that caught my eye, "Fashion forward shoppers develop their own looks". I thought to myself "I like to be fashion forward, I like to develop my own look and in my book shopping is an Olympic spot", I knew this article had been sent from the heavens!

It turns out that this spring is going to be very different from springs in the past. Normally designers tell consumers what they are going to wear for the season, but this year designers have decided to take some advice from us! This spring the designs are going to be unique, combining elements from different eras and seasons.

Spring of 2010 is going to be about being eclectic and developing your own style.

Some hot items that you may want to invest in:
-Novelty Cardigans-- My favorite! I have tons of cardigans, now I just have to put some cute embellishments on them :)
-Fluid-shaped pants-- I just wouldn't go there!
-Boy-cut blazers-- Oh the irony, I'm totally wearing an awesome DI find blazer with the selves scrunched up.
-Printed skirts-- Fun! It seems that "the look" is a printed skirt worn just below the natural waist line with your shirt tucked in and a cute cardi over top... I'm excited!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


It finally happened! Well maybe it's happened before, but I don't remember it. Last night the 114 had more guys in it than it had girls!

We were all fattin' around on the couch watching the movie Kate and Leopold when Rachel comes pounding on the door asking me why I never respond to texts. I run to the other room to check my phone; there are four texts (one from Rachel, one from Andrew and the other two don't matter; and there might have even been a phone call from Rachel). It turns out that the boys we went on a blind date with before spring break wanted to hang out. As Rachel confirms that the boys are beggin' to do something the room becomes excited as we each realize that we are going to have a fun night and that we need to change out of our pajamas. We each scatter to change and brush our teeth and then plop ourselves back on the couch so it doesn't seem like we are too overly excited for the boys to come over.

Andrew, Ben and James showed put first and we forced them to finish watching the movie with us. Brian came later and then a new face came over. Jake. He was really nice.

We all went out for ice cream at some place that is supposed to be one of the best in Logan. Honestly I personally didn't think it was anything to shake a stick at. First they don't have very many flavors and second, it tastes like Aggie Ice Cream... hmmmmm. I think Farr's in Odgen is better by farr ;) After going out for ice cream we came back to the apartment and played signs. Which was fun.

I know it's been said somewhere that guys don't have friends that are girls, but I don't know if I believe it. To me it seems like there are tons of guys that have friends that are girls; they can't possibly like all the those girls that they are "friends" with cant they? No, they can't! At least in my book. Well I guess we will have to get down to the bottom of this. Either one of them likes one of us girls or guys really are able to be "just friends" with girls.... we shall see.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Drug of Choice

A couple months ago each day I came home from class there was the same music playing in the background and as the music ended there were squeals of delight; figuring Angel had found a new song that she loved I though nothing of it. I had overheard them talking about something called Iris and Light and how "super cutie (my word, not theirs)" is was. Today I am sick and am in bed with nothing to do, so like any diligent college student I pull out my laptop and start watching random videos on the Internet. I stumbled upon a couple Iris and Light wedding/ engagement videos and well... I'M AN ADDICT! By far this is the most inventive and creative thing in the wedding industry. Now, I know that there are tons of videographers out there, but Iris and Light does it better! What a cute thing to have playing at your wedding reception instead of the cheesy slide show of all your awkward moments from when you were young.

The moral of the story is: I am going to have a super cute video playing at my reception instead of an awkward slide show.

Starlight - Denise & Johnny from IRIS AND LIGHT on Vimeo.

Monica & Rhett Wedding Highlight from IRIS AND LIGHT on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

News From Brazil!

Elder Bradley W. Bauer just calculated that he will be returning to Layton, Utah on January 13, 2011! Now I'm sure many of you are wondering who this missionary boy is, well I shall tell you. Brad is one of my bestest friends, who just happens to be very attractive :) No I'm not waiting for him in the sense that one day we are going to get married or even date. I'm waiting for him to get home so I can make our favorite peanut butter cookies! I haven't made them for almost two years and I don't think making them with anyone else would be quite as much fun.

That's all I've heard for now. I should be expecting a letter in a few weeks.

A New Post Every 4 Days?

Our dearest little Becca left the 114 a week ago :( She is now married and is living on the other side of campus. It's been kind of strange not having six of us living in our apartment these days. Sara has officially taken over the whole room; he stuff is spread out on the shelf and she even decided to put a quilt on the spare bed (I think it's to make it feel like she still has a roommate).

On a more lively note...

Becca's wedding reception was super cutie!

On an even more lively note...

We all had blind dates to her wedding reception :)

Lauren was set up with Ben (oh the irony!)
Rachel (who is our adopted roommate) went with James
I went with Andrew (another ironic happenstance) and
Angel went with Brian

I personally thought that the date was a lot of fun. They came to pick us up at 6:30 and Brian and Andrew got to the apartment first, so we talked with them until the others found out where we lived. We drove over to the reception and that was uneventful, although we did kind of get lost. The reception was very cute! Becka had her brials in georgous frams all over the gym of the church. Her cake (that she got for free!) was white with purple and green flowers on top. Everything was very simple, but very cute.

Finally we got back to the apartment we sat around and talked for quite a while. One of the boys, James I think, asked if we had a quote board. I automatically jump and and go grab all our quotes and hand them to him; not first thinking that some of them are really embarrassing and sound horribly dirty. Basically James ended up thinking I was a total freak and I'm pretty sure that Ben might have thought the same thing. We later decided to play scum (my favorite card game!). After the first round I was king. After the second round I was still king. After the third round I was still king. Needless to say I had gotten a little cocky. We're playing the fourth round and I can tell that my hand is not any good and I can feel that it's possible that I might be going down. Somehow Ben managed to get a really amazing hand... or at least I thought. It turns out that he cheated! What kind of horrible person cheats while playing a nice game of cards?!

Well that's kind of how the date went.... not super eventful, as in there were no explosions, no sword fights and we didn't get chased by the cops, but we did have a lot of fun. Yes, we are all still single.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Nothing New

It has recently come to my attention that nothing exciting happens in my life. I wake up, get ready for class, maybe catch a bite to eat, day dream while taking notes, come home and eat lunch and then fat around until dinner then I either I go work out or take a shower and go to bed. My life as a college student is incredibly uneventful.

Tonight for FHE we had a cultural night at the stake center, which was fun until Lauren and I turn to each other and say "we're two losers without any boys in our lives". It's a sad day when you realize that all of your boyfriends have a guy to flirt with and that you are in fact a loser. I'm not saying I want a boyfriend or anything, but it would be nice to have some testosterone injected into my cheeks (that one's for you Rachel)... but seriously I would actually just like to have guy friends at this moment in time. In high school all I had was guy friends. Literally I had about one friend that was a girl. What Has Happened to ME?!

It has been decided that I want to have an AWESOME blog... I really need ideas!