Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Fashion

As I sat in business 115 this morning waiting for my economics class to start I decided to read the news, like I do every morning. There weren't any particularly good headlines. While looking at the Deseret news website I found an article that caught my eye, "Fashion forward shoppers develop their own looks". I thought to myself "I like to be fashion forward, I like to develop my own look and in my book shopping is an Olympic spot", I knew this article had been sent from the heavens!

It turns out that this spring is going to be very different from springs in the past. Normally designers tell consumers what they are going to wear for the season, but this year designers have decided to take some advice from us! This spring the designs are going to be unique, combining elements from different eras and seasons.

Spring of 2010 is going to be about being eclectic and developing your own style.

Some hot items that you may want to invest in:
-Novelty Cardigans-- My favorite! I have tons of cardigans, now I just have to put some cute embellishments on them :)
-Fluid-shaped pants-- I just wouldn't go there!
-Boy-cut blazers-- Oh the irony, I'm totally wearing an awesome DI find blazer with the selves scrunched up.
-Printed skirts-- Fun! It seems that "the look" is a printed skirt worn just below the natural waist line with your shirt tucked in and a cute cardi over top... I'm excited!

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