Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thought of the night

While brushing my teeth I came upon a very interesting finding sitting right inside my very own head.

Going to college is very similar to going to girls camp.

-It's something you look forward to for a very long time, but when the time finally comes you are a little nervous about leaving home.
-You go from living a very comfortable lifestyle to having to share a small space with a bunch of girls.
-You are practically never alone.
-Everyone brushes their teeth at the same time.
-Someone is always on their period.
-Drama is a given!
-You do everything in your power to get out of doing boring activities.
-There are tons of testimony building experiences.
-Somehow there always seems to be a lack of boys.
-Wearing pajamas in the middle of the day isn't weird at all, but considered to be quite normal.
-You never shower as much as you should.
-Your diet consists of junk food and a few other things.
-Staying up till wee hours of the morning laughing happens almost every night.
-You always look forward to going home, but once you are home you miss the girls you were able to spend so much time with.

Oh how I love the random thoughts that come to me while I'm brushing my teeth!

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