Saturday, March 27, 2010


It finally happened! Well maybe it's happened before, but I don't remember it. Last night the 114 had more guys in it than it had girls!

We were all fattin' around on the couch watching the movie Kate and Leopold when Rachel comes pounding on the door asking me why I never respond to texts. I run to the other room to check my phone; there are four texts (one from Rachel, one from Andrew and the other two don't matter; and there might have even been a phone call from Rachel). It turns out that the boys we went on a blind date with before spring break wanted to hang out. As Rachel confirms that the boys are beggin' to do something the room becomes excited as we each realize that we are going to have a fun night and that we need to change out of our pajamas. We each scatter to change and brush our teeth and then plop ourselves back on the couch so it doesn't seem like we are too overly excited for the boys to come over.

Andrew, Ben and James showed put first and we forced them to finish watching the movie with us. Brian came later and then a new face came over. Jake. He was really nice.

We all went out for ice cream at some place that is supposed to be one of the best in Logan. Honestly I personally didn't think it was anything to shake a stick at. First they don't have very many flavors and second, it tastes like Aggie Ice Cream... hmmmmm. I think Farr's in Odgen is better by farr ;) After going out for ice cream we came back to the apartment and played signs. Which was fun.

I know it's been said somewhere that guys don't have friends that are girls, but I don't know if I believe it. To me it seems like there are tons of guys that have friends that are girls; they can't possibly like all the those girls that they are "friends" with cant they? No, they can't! At least in my book. Well I guess we will have to get down to the bottom of this. Either one of them likes one of us girls or guys really are able to be "just friends" with girls.... we shall see.

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Rachel Nell said...

I don't care if any of them have a crush on any of us. Whether they do or not, I'm just glad to be able to hang out with some boys for once! Last night was a blast! Love you! :)