Monday, March 8, 2010

Nothing New

It has recently come to my attention that nothing exciting happens in my life. I wake up, get ready for class, maybe catch a bite to eat, day dream while taking notes, come home and eat lunch and then fat around until dinner then I either I go work out or take a shower and go to bed. My life as a college student is incredibly uneventful.

Tonight for FHE we had a cultural night at the stake center, which was fun until Lauren and I turn to each other and say "we're two losers without any boys in our lives". It's a sad day when you realize that all of your boyfriends have a guy to flirt with and that you are in fact a loser. I'm not saying I want a boyfriend or anything, but it would be nice to have some testosterone injected into my cheeks (that one's for you Rachel)... but seriously I would actually just like to have guy friends at this moment in time. In high school all I had was guy friends. Literally I had about one friend that was a girl. What Has Happened to ME?!

It has been decided that I want to have an AWESOME blog... I really need ideas!


pummelhead said...

Its because you don't have me anymore. DUH!

And honestly if you want an "AWESOME" blog you need to do 2 things that I notice you aren't doing.

1. Schedualed posts. Weekly, Day-ly, Bi-weekly, every other day, it doesn't matter really but it gives the reader an idea when to check for an update, thus they will not be flustered for that update making them actually reading your blog.
2. Get your reader involved. Even if you don't have many people actively reading it ask questions. At the end of a post say "What do you think about that" or "Tell a story about something similar". Getting the reader involved (even if they don't comment) says to them "Hey I realize people will be reading this and I respect them enough to notice them and give them credit".
I had a third but it escaped me.

Hope that helps you a little.

From you little/big brother.

pummelhead said...

Little brother is a smartie. I do want a new post every 4 days to keep me coming back for more antics of the 114. Dad