Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A New Post Every 4 Days?

Our dearest little Becca left the 114 a week ago :( She is now married and is living on the other side of campus. It's been kind of strange not having six of us living in our apartment these days. Sara has officially taken over the whole room; he stuff is spread out on the shelf and she even decided to put a quilt on the spare bed (I think it's to make it feel like she still has a roommate).

On a more lively note...

Becca's wedding reception was super cutie!

On an even more lively note...

We all had blind dates to her wedding reception :)

Lauren was set up with Ben (oh the irony!)
Rachel (who is our adopted roommate) went with James
I went with Andrew (another ironic happenstance) and
Angel went with Brian

I personally thought that the date was a lot of fun. They came to pick us up at 6:30 and Brian and Andrew got to the apartment first, so we talked with them until the others found out where we lived. We drove over to the reception and that was uneventful, although we did kind of get lost. The reception was very cute! Becka had her brials in georgous frams all over the gym of the church. Her cake (that she got for free!) was white with purple and green flowers on top. Everything was very simple, but very cute.

Finally we got back to the apartment we sat around and talked for quite a while. One of the boys, James I think, asked if we had a quote board. I automatically jump and and go grab all our quotes and hand them to him; not first thinking that some of them are really embarrassing and sound horribly dirty. Basically James ended up thinking I was a total freak and I'm pretty sure that Ben might have thought the same thing. We later decided to play scum (my favorite card game!). After the first round I was king. After the second round I was still king. After the third round I was still king. Needless to say I had gotten a little cocky. We're playing the fourth round and I can tell that my hand is not any good and I can feel that it's possible that I might be going down. Somehow Ben managed to get a really amazing hand... or at least I thought. It turns out that he cheated! What kind of horrible person cheats while playing a nice game of cards?!

Well that's kind of how the date went.... not super eventful, as in there were no explosions, no sword fights and we didn't get chased by the cops, but we did have a lot of fun. Yes, we are all still single.

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