Sunday, April 4, 2010

Another Letter!

Why is it that whenever I get a letter from Brazil that my life is so much happier? Am I in love? No, I don't think so... What is love anyway? I'm pretty sure I love Starburst jelly beans, but I'm pretty sure love for a person isn't quite the same thing. Well anyway I was going to tell you how Brad is doing.

He's fine. The end.

Basically it wasn't all that great of a letter, but it still made my day. He sent me a picture! I'm excited to add it to my "stalker wall". Haha it's totally not a stalker wall though, he gave me all of those pictures... so it's all good.

The exact letter (for those of you who actually want to know what he sends me)

Dearest Kelsey
Thank you! Thank you for finally writing me a letter. When I read the return address on the letter I got way mad. I hadn't gotten mail from anyone for a long time. So when I read the return address and I didn't recognize it I got ticked but then as I read it I got a lot happier. It is a miracle It got to me. You mailed it to the MTC in Sao Paulo and from there they recognized my name (because I'm a legend there) and sent the letter with the missionaries coming to my mission. So you're lucky.
I thoroughly enjoyed the colorful letter, it was quite creative, the picture you drew of me was practically a photo. You have a good memory of how I look, tall and skinny :). It's good to hear you're hitting the books. Don't forget to read your scriptures as well! There is so much to be learned in the standard works. Just get the institute study manual and off you go. There is so much more than just "reading your scriptures" I am a year and 2 months on my mission and I still am studying Alma. You're a good girl (lady now, sorry) I know you can do it. So it was a little strange to hear you had a guy in your life. Little Kelsey has grown up. I especially liked the way you praised him, "he was a wonderful guy, and now he is gone..." I liked it a lot.
How do you know about Kayla? No I don't know, I haven't gotten a letter from her in a long time so I don't know what exactly is going on. But yeah, not important...
Things are going okay here. It's wicked hot! I am learning kung fu! When I get home I might be a white belt (the worst) but now I can hit someone and say "yeah, I meant to do that!". But yeah my life is pretty much going great. It has its ups and downs. My comp is dead, we are both going crazy from not getting letters etc... but other than that we're on the lords errand now so that is good.
I hope you gave a huge hug to everyone, especially those leaving on missions for me. It not you need to repent and do it :).
Kelsey, thanks again for the letter, I truly enjoyed hearing from you, and I hope to hear from you soon. Miss you tons! Tchau.

Well that is about all that is going on right now. I still miss him like crazy!


PS. I'm not waiting for him! I just miss one of my best friends.

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