Monday, April 19, 2010


Luxury items that are completely taken for granted:

-The garbage disposal. I don't think you truly understand just how important the garbage disposal is until you go to college, don't have one and have a stinky that smells funny. What was once just sent down the drain now has to be carefully scraped off your plate and thrown in the garbage where it will then make your whole apartment smell weird.

-The washer and dryer in your home. Maybe this one is a no brainer, but not having the ability to do your laundry in your own home (where it is supposed to be done) really stinks. For example, a while ago I was going to do my laundry up at school (amazing, I know) and I was walking from my apartment to the laundry room with all my dirty clothes in tow. I opened the door to enter the main building and as I raise my eyes there is a whole group of guys from my ward standing right there. Talk about AWKWARD! I'm sitting there with all my dirty laundry; if it had been clean that is a different story. Clean laundry is attractive, it smells nice, it's fluffy... and it's not dirty, crumpled up, shoved in a basket and most of all people know where it has been.

-The dishwasher! Oh how I love thee! I can place my dirty dishes in you and some special soap, press a magic button, walk away, and when I come back you have graciously not only cleaned my dishes but have allowed them to dry within you. I think I love you.

-The oven light and window. I have a poor person over up at school :( Not only does it not have an oven light, but there is not awesome little window on the front so you can check up on what your baking without opening the door. Opening the door isn't that much of a hassle. Goodness, I'm not completely lazy. I just hate the fact that I like to check on my lovely baked goods fairly often. I wouldn't have to check on them so often if our temperature settings on the over actually worked correctly.

As of right now my one desire is to have a garbage disposal! One day I will be able to afford an apartment with this luxurious item... one day.

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