Monday, October 31, 2011

Say What?!

You know what? This is the spot where you say "what Kelsey?", everybody on the count of three.  1...2...3! "What Kelsey?".  I think I might have decided to come back to the blogosphere.  Not that I really have the time to blog but because I'm a very happy person and very happy people usually have funny stories.  Let me tell you what, I have funny stories... and not so funny stories... and sad stories, but every single one of them makes me laugh.  

So here's the plan kids.  I'm going to write my stories.  Basically things that have happened in my life... the parts I can remember at least, and if I can't remember them then i'll just make something up; I'm good at that.  I think I got that talent from my father, he's also a funny person. 

We're going to be in this together, okay?

Lets get this blogging started!


Rachel Nell said...

True story: I was looking at your blog yesterday before you posted this thinking, "Man, I really wish Kelsey would start blogging again." Apparently you are now my wish-granting genie. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Just said to your Dad, "I wish Kelsey was blogging again", so I checked just to see and wham, bam, thank-you mam! Happy Day, Happy Day :) Your blogging has been missed, glad you are back at it.