Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pillow Talk

I feel that pillow talk is something that naturally happens when you share a room with someone.  Right as you get in to your warm comfy bed and your eyes are heavy is probably one of the few times when you're willing to let your guard down and allow someone to get to know you.  

When my roommate and I first moved in we instantly clicked!  She's cool and i'm cool and we're cool together.  We were able to talk with each other from the moment we first put our heads down on our pillows.

It seems that we have roommate pillow talk every night, or at least the nights when we are fortunate enough to go to bed at the same time.  Going to bed without each other just isn't the same; it's lonely without someone to talk to.  Just like with any girls, our late night talks revolve around cute boys.  Lately the discussions go something like this:
Kim: I want you to love him
Kelsey: [sarcastically] Okay, because it's just that easy!

Last night at 12:30 our conversation was no different from any other night.  We talked about the cute guy who fell asleep on our couch while I was playing with his hair.  We both agreed that it's not cool to watch a movie and have the guy fall asleep because then you can't cuddle at all!  Eventually we both got so sleepy we couldn't keep the conversation going.

Fast forward to 4am.

For some reason I am half awake when I hear Kim muttering to herself.
Kim: Wear the jeans
Kelsey: What?
Kim: Just wear the jeans
Kelsey: Kim are you awake?
Kim: Yes
Kelsey: You're talking about pants
Kim: I know, I must have talked about it with Ben
Kelsey: It's 4am, when were you talking with Ben?
Kim: The other night
Kelsey: Are you awake?
Kim: Yes!
Kelsey: You're talking about pants.

And sometimes we even talk in the middle of the night. 

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grace.holloway said...

hey kelsey! i'm glad you're blogging again! i don't know you but I started following your blog when I was trying to decide what college to go to and you and your cuteness kinda helped me decide to go to utah state and I'm loving it. so thanks! have an awesome day.