Thursday, November 3, 2011

thank you!

I've often felt like this blog is pointless and I feel that I have every right to think so.  My writing is random, honest, whiny and sometimes it's boring and directionless; but so am I, so my blog and I get along very well.  I recently decided to start publishing my posts again.  I wrote a couple posts over the summer but nothing that I ever finished or would even want anyone to read.  They were just a way for me to get rid of all the feelings that I had been holding in for so long.  The summer was quite the challenge for me!  I often felt alone and when I wasn't feeling alone I had the feeling that I was being strung along by someone very important to me.  

Once the school year started I found myself wanting to blog again. I noticed that I was happier than I had ever been over the summer.  My social life was starting to pick up when I would allow it to and I was busier than ever.  Being busy ='s being happy.

The other day I decided to make the commitment to start blogging again, it's a love hate relationship most of the time.  Day 1 I received a comment from one of my close friends saying she was happy I was back in the blogosphere and that made me happy that she cared.

However, a few days later I received a comment that brought tears to my eyes! As I sat in the institute building on my laptop I decided to see if anyone had commented.  To my surprise someone did!  The comment read:  
hey kelsey! i'm glad you're blogging again! i don't know you but I started following your blog when I was trying to decide what college to go to and you and your cuteness kinda helped me decide to go to utah state and I'm loving it. so thanks! have an awesome day.
There isn't anything sweeter than a comment like that.  I have no clue who this wonderful angel is and obviously I have never met her but I am so grateful that she took the time to write that comment.  

I by no means have a rad awesome blog and I never in my life thought that my ramblings would have any effect on someone.  Everyday the Lord blesses us in mysterious little ways and today I received a little blessing that I never expected.  

I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart!  Your comment makes me want to continue to blog and share my stories!


Victoria said...

ummmmm... you have to blog!!!! because I like you and miss your face :)

Anonymous said...

Yippee, I vote for you blogging again!!! We have really missed your posts. -NT

elise @ elise's pieces said...

Your blog is SO not pointless. I was so sad when you decided to stop blogging and I occasionally checked back to see if you happened to start blogging again. Today when I checked I was SO happy to see all these posts to catch up on.