Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So You Think You Know Us?

Have you ever been in the situation where you thought you new someone after just meeting them, but after getting to know them you realized that you were totally wrong? Well, Welcome to the 114.

There are six of us girls living in an apartment that is fit for approximately three people; needless to say things get a little tight sometimes but we have grown to like it that way. It's probably safe to say that none of us would have ever become friends or even liked the others if we hadn't been forced to live together.

Sara: Looking at her you might think she is a tomboy, that girl basically sleeps in her Chacos and dreams about ultimate frisbee. But don't be fooled, she is actually quite the girly girl. It was once said, "Sara, you're the girliest tomboy I've ever met!". She's also quite the smartie pants! I don't know her GPA, but if I did I'm sure I would cry because it is just that beautiful. If you are lucky enough sit next to her in a class be sure you copy off her. It was just made known that she does in fact have a 4.0... and the tears are coming! One of the first things I learned about Sara is that she hates to wear clothes. Sometimes it is a little awkward to see her walking around in her bra and spandex, but I'm pretty sure that her future husband is going to enjoy it.. wink, wink! I do in fact love that Sara really enjoys cooking; I sit in the kitchen and watch her and ask if I can help, she usually tells me "no". She said that one day she will "take me on a date" and make me a calzone, but honestly I don't see that happening any time soon *sniffle, sniffle*.

Becka: Our cute little Becka will be leaving the 114 next month. It's been said that she's found her eternal companion and they're gettin' hitched in some temple type thing. We're going to miss her dearly but we think Jon is a good guy and we can tell that he really does love her. Becka is so full of life as long as she isn't waking up at 3:30am to go to work; she actually quit that job today so we are secretly excited that we are going to be able to have our roommate back. If you enjoy plants then I suggest that you talk to Becka, she is a horticulture major. Currently she has two wandering Jews living in her room. Bahaha!

Kourtney: Baby's got back! Haha I don't think she would like me saying that but seriously check her out sometime... just don't let Kenny see you doing it. Holy Cow, Kourtney is driven! She knows exactly what she wants to do in life and she's not going to let anyone get in her way, not even he boyfriend (who she loves and will probably marry). She's one of those girls that if you hate her, you hate her for no reason. She's super pretty (strike one), smart (strike two) and talented (strike three); in girl world three strikes is code for "I'm going to hate you because you are everything I wish I was". Honestly when I first contacted Kourtney on Facebook (before we actually met) I really thought she was going to be one of "those girls"; you know those brats that have it all. You cannot judge a book by it's cover my friends. Kourtney is one of a kind! She's so relaxed and down to earth, the thing I find to be extremely hilarious is the fact that she hates to shower... haha cracks me up!

Angel: Basically she's our little Asian... she's only half Asian and has never been to Asia, but we love her anyway! She is so much fun to be around and if she had the choice of watching a movie or doing homework she will always choose to watch a movie; somehow she does manage to get her homework done and gets good grades. A weird fact about her is that she really likes Vienna sausages... Gag me with a fork! The girls walked into the kitchen one Saturday morning and there was Angel sitting at the counter eating her nasty little sausages for breakfast; it was NASTY! Although she might eat weird foods she is one of the most fun people out there; she's hilarious without even knowing it! Angel currently is waiting for her missionary, he's almost been out for a year and it's safe to say that Angel is head over heals for this boy.

Lauren: Where to start? I don't think there is a person out there who wouldn't get along with Laurzie, she's just one of those people who is very sweet (she hates when people say that!). One thing you might want to know about Lauren is that if you want to date her you better have connections high up in the church; one boy she dated was the grandson of a prophet. It has been said that trying to be as "good" as her family is like trying to turn water into wine. P.S. Lauren falls asleep in about 2.5 minutes, so if you have anything to tell her before you go to bed you might want to make it snappy.

Kelsey (that's me!): It seems like if there is ever a fashion or hair disaster in the apartment I get called in to save the day; I love it! I'm kind of the girly girl in the apartment, although I don't really like that title. Secretly I wish I knew how to ride a motorcycle... totally doesn't match my personality. My current hobby is knitting, it's my new favorite drug of choice. My new favorite eye candy are cowboys! There is something about a boy who wears tight pants... oooo baby! Plus they usually drive big trucks and have nice muscles. I love to bake and cook. Some of my favorite memories from my first semester of college are of Sara and I baking together; which is actually one of us baking and the other watching and keeping company.

Now you know a little more about the girls in the 114. Keep reading for more funny stories and random things that might happen.

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