Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh the Things We Say!

These are random things that have been said in the 114. Please don't try to understand what they mean or why they were said; for the most part we don't know or even remember, but we do know that they were funny!

Kelsey: "I've just got Stinky"
Lauren: "Is that code? BOOFER!"

"It's like a bird trap down there!" -Lauren
"Rape is not... grape?" -Jesika
"I see poop all the time. I just don't have the desire to skewer it!" -Lauren
"Gigantuan" -Lauren
"BAHA!" -All of us
"Are you saying I have a large girth?" -Lauren
"You stalked the Asians?" directed towards Angel
"Plantax" -Lauren
"You want to see us naked?!" -Lauren (to Andrew)
"Blue footed Bubi's?" -Angel
"Wow, I thought that said Blue footed Pubis" -Lauren
"Prisoner of War!!! POW, pow, Pow, POW, POW!" -Kelsey
"We did the calculations and I've peed for 14 days of my life!" -Sara
"Can I be a cashew?" -Lauren
"Partens, you know... like Dolly?" -Lauren
"I keep thinking that I see shooting stars, but it's just sparkels
in my bangs" -Angel
"Poop is SEXY!" -Lauren
"Boof Juice!" -Enough said!
"I don't want to go to a bridal fair. It's like babysitting... they give you kids, but you can't keep them!" -Brooklin
"Shot through the heart, and you're too late" -Lauren
"Lauren gives love a bad name" -Kelsey
"I have belting voices in my head, and they won't SHUT UP!" -Kelsey
"I am making my legs talk to each other." -Sara
"Your bed and I are tight, like unto a dish." -Sara
"I'd rather have a guy down my shirt than a girl!" -Kelsey
"Poor little Mitten... holding a kitten" -Kelsey
"Kelsey and Sara practice safe cuddling" -Sara
"Can I bedazzle your mohawk?!" -Lauren
"Easy squeazy, lemon peazy." -Kelsey
"Do you want to dance?' 'No! That's not how you do it!!!" -Brooklin
"I'm kind of chicky pilli." -Kelsey
"Lets crank this baby out Spencer!" -Kelsey

"You're bosom buddies with Michelle Quan?!" -Lauren

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Stephen said...

Haha I am quoted twice! Woot!