Friday, July 23, 2010

Flower Power

I think it's safe to say that flowers are totally in right now... not that something that naturally occurs in nature can ever really go out of style. Anyway... I was looking at flower arrangements that people used for their weddings when I came across these two super cutie ideas.
I have absolutely no clue how someone made these flowers, but they are made out of a crepe paper type of material. I LOVE that they are scattered on a bed of grass, but I think that you could easily turn a bunch of them into an adorable spring wreath!
Those red flowers are in fact made out of yarn! I'm thinkin' they would be way cutie in my dorm/apartment up at USU, my roommates and I are in desperate need for some decorations! These flowers are Super simple, super cheap and super cutie! What if we made some with red yarn and some with aqua yarn? Yes? I think so!

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