Sunday, July 25, 2010

Vintage With Me, But Only For A Minute

The other day while I was feeling super down about life and a wee bit depressed I decided to take a "Me" day. I love going to second hand stores and looking for books, but on this "Me" day all I wanted was clothing. First I went to the local Hobby Lobby to purchase some super cutie fabric to make what's called a paper bag skirt. (It is oh so cute! Pictures to come) After the HobLob I went over to Savers to look around, not expecting to find anything worth my while. I tried on a bucket load of skirts, dresses and coats; I did find an awesome suede skirt and a shirt/ dress (with pockets!!!).

Now here comes the best part about the whole shopping trip. I popped into DI to see what I could find and to my astonishment there were tons of vintage dresses, I'm pretty sure I was in heaven! I went a little crazy and tried almost all of them on, I was good and limited myself to only getting four of them though.

I originally saw a dress very similar to this one on Busy Bee Lauren's blog and I basically fell in love with it! The skirt part in a pencil skirt and it fits me like a glove, but not the tight kind of glove, more like the perfect glove! I'm going to have to shorten the hem line because right now it makes me look a little on the short side and being 5'3'' I need all the height I can get. I will be pairing this awesome find with some shiny black faux-crock peep toes and a black beaded necklace. I will also be shortening the sleeves because right now they practically eat my arm.

Can I first tell you how much I adore this dress? I adore it more than... well a lot of things! When I put it on I feel kind of like a school girl, in a very modest not trashy or little girly sort of way. It has a thin blue belt that goes with it, but I'm thinking that it would look adorable with a yellow belt and heels. I'm going to shorten the sleeves a little bit and add some elastic to them for a more modern twist. The hem line also needs to be taken up a couple of inches.
Now here is my favorite part about the dress!
It has a jacket to go with it! I am in love with this jacket! Doesn't it make you think of a flight attendant? I feel like I should be telling people "In case of an emergency there are exits located at the front, middle and rear of the plane". Of course the jacket will need to be tailored, but at this point I'm totally diggin' on this dress, it's almost my all time favorite.

I bought two more dresses, but they are for another time. I might want to take one of them back... I don't think it matches my personality, it was more of an impulse buy.

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JMay said...

These are so such cute outfits, love them!