Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Post

Here is my little happy moment of the day.

I walked into the sewing lab today to find my instructor grading the pair of dress pants that I made.  I was really nervous to see my grade because a couple weeks ago she told me that I wasn't going to be able to receive a 100% because the pattern I chose didn't meet all the specifications.

I put my heart and soul into altering those gosh darn dress pants. I completely changed the front zipper and altered the heck out of the pattern... they now fit me like a glove!


She turns to me and says that my pants looked very nice and that I did a wonderful job pressing them.  Then proceeds to tell me that I'm the only one in the class that has received a perfect 100 freaking percent (she didn't say freaking... I did)!  Me, I'm the only one if the class that got a 100.

I rock!

After class was over I was able to go see cutie boy for like five minutes.  Sad that it was only five minutes but i'm happy I got to see him at all. 


Anonymous said...

As we like to say "Happy Day, Happy Day"! I am really proud of you, great work. Love -NT

Alisha said...

You are too cute! A happy moment indeed. Congrats on the great grade! Any pictures of the pants?!