Saturday, April 2, 2011

choir of angels

I had one of those moments today; one of those moments when the clouds open and you can hear a heavenly choir singing from on high. 

Look what I found!
Print - Watercolor and Charcoal Painting - Vintage Green Strapless Dress - 8x10Original - Watercolor and Charcoal Painting - Vintage Lemon Lavender Dress - 8x10
Original - Watercolor and Charcoal Painting - Custom Wedding Dress Painting - 8x10Print - Watercolor and Charcoal Painting - White and Pink Party Dress - 10x13

Aren't they beautiful?
Will I be attempting to turn some of my fashion sketches into water color paintings in the near future?

You sure better believe it!

Too see more or possibly purchase a print click here.


A Lost Feather said...

mm yeah, agreed.. those are so lovely! ugh they would look amazing in little frames all in a row

SILVIA said...

very nice...=D
really love your blog

follow u of course..