Thursday, March 31, 2011


Yay for Awkward and Awesome Thhhhurrrsday!

-The spelling of the word "awkward"
-Having someone sit down next to you in class only to get up and move one seat over.  (Um excuse me, I don't stink... I actually smell delicious!)
-Getting to zumba and realizing that you haven't shaved your legs in weeks... you're wearing spandex capris as well.
-Accidentally rubbing your foot across an exercise ball and having it make a sound that is very similar to the passing of gas. 
-Driving around town with a booster seat in the back of your car when you are 19, not married and don't have children.
-Walking around with the kids you nanny and having people think that they're yours when you sure as heck don't look old enough to have any. 

-Rocking out two exams and being done with classes before 11 am.
-Having a spur of the moment smoovie (smoothies and movies) party with Lauren before going to work. 
-Post workout adrenaline!
-Teaching the RS President how to shake it like a black girl in the middle of a dark parking lot.

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