Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So Help Me...

So help me, if I ever get married my brides maids will NOT all be wearing the exact same thing!  I can't stand it, it's not unique at all.  Why would you commit such a styling faux pas?

bridesmaids anthropologie dress boots 

Guys can get away with all wearing the same thing...

groomsmen in bow ties

But not every girl is going to look flattering in the same dress. 

Here is a much better idea
wedding bridal party

Okay, the dog kind of weirds me out...

Oooo, unique bouquet.

bridesmaids in black dresses

Okay y'all, i'm a fan of the concept.  Obviously we can tell that she's using black as one of her colors (duh), but she was smart and didn't have all four girls wear the same dress.  Each girl gets to be unique, show off her personality, and wear a dress that (hopefully) she loves and would want to wear again. 

That is all. 


Jamie Danger said...

I agree in every way on this subject... not a fan of the whole matchy matchy idea.

elise said...

Ditto ditto. I've thought this for ages!

Alisha said...

Love this idea, and you're so right about not everyone looking great in the same dress. I kind of did the same thing in my wedding. I chose three dress that I really liked and let my girls choose which one they liked best! It worked out really well.
These are all great pictures though! :)