Tuesday, March 29, 2011

wish list

I've been thinking a lot about birthday's today because two of my bestest friends were born 20 years ago today!  Happy Birthday Jesika (the best friend) and Angel (the best roommate)!
I'm so lucky to have the two of you as my friends.

On other birthday related notes...

My birthday is coming up in a month or so and I will finally be saying goodbye to my teen years!  I'll give them a swift kick in the butt and send them on their merry way. 
Seeing as I love my birthday quite a bit I want to get a head start on my wish list so those who love me have plenty of time to buy me the things I really want. 

Bedspreads from Urban Outfitters

I want the fabric to make my own ruffled duvet cover

Tuxedo Duvet from Anthropologie

I want a Magic Bullet!

Lauren got one for Christmas and I think I might love it more than she does.  I have a smoothie for breakfast almost everyday.

essie nail polish is a must!
sand tropez
Sand Tropez or any similar color

I also want to go to IKEA and purchase new dishes and stuff for my soon to be new apartment. 


lauren nicole said...

i love love love the grey bedspread from UO.

and that nail polish is fab!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you will have quite the project to work on. -NT

Alisha said...

LOVE those duvet covers. They are stunning. All the more reason to buy a bigger house and decorate the spare bedrooms in all things pretty!!

Happy early birthday pretty girl!

Amanda! said...

mmm! i bought this nail polish. and i love it. i might just love essie more than opi. it's a toss up!