Friday, May 20, 2011


Dear J.Crew,
Please continue to infiltrate my wardrobe.  I promise I won't mind!

I love J.Crew!  Like seriously LOVE J.Crew.  The mushy, gushy, drool over the catalog type of love.  I also love shopping at thrift stores.  My two loves have collided and have become the lover of all lovers!  I kid you not, whenever I go to the thrift store I walk out with an armful of J.Crew clothing.  It's wonderful!

So far my finds include:
-one blue and white silk dress $6
-tan wool blazer $5
-horizontal striped blouse $5
-vertical striped blouse $5

Please excuse me while I fangirl over these three outfits.... Love them!
Featherknit henleyOrigami sheath dress in wool crepeStripe Elsa jacket

1 comment:

ashley in wonderland said...

you must be luckiest person ever! love me some j.crew (especially at non-j.crew prices!)