Friday, May 27, 2011

My Golden Gala Giveaway

Well y'all, today is the day!  For over a month I have been wracking my brain trying to decide what I was going to potentially give away.  I wanted it to be something that described me, something that I would love and most importantly, something that I had designed.  I searched through bakeries, thrift stores, vintage shops, craft stores, etsy, etc. and couldn't come up with anything! Until...

Oh goodness i'm so excited!

This is the first ever design by the future etsy store Golden Gala.  The exterior is vintage.  The interior as been redone as far as I can tell, and the flower was added by moi.

So... here's how you lovelies can enter my first ever giveaway!

Entry 1. Become a follower (everybody's doing it) and comment telling me what exciting things you're doing this summer.  Adding your email address is always helpful! 
Entry 2. Follow A "True Aggie" Story on twitter and give a little shout out about the giveaway.  Please post the link in your comment. 
Entry 3. Mention the giveaway in a blog post.  Please leave the link to your post in the comments.

Well, there ya have it!  There are three possible ways for you to enter to win this clutch that I secretly wish I was keeping for myself!  It totally matches the outfit i'm wearing.   

All entries need to be in before MIDNIGHT on June 3, 2011 Mountain Standard time


Lauren said...

i'm going to school this summer! yay? haha!

Hannah Sullivan said...

Very Very Cute giveaway!! This summer I am going to school and working at a real estate company!

have a great day!

Anonymous said...

very nice blog! :)

alaina said...

thanks for your comment on my blog! wow this clutch is gorgeous!
I'm going road tripping around europe this summer...does that sound as stinking cool as it maks me feel when i think about it? ;)
hope you're enjoying your start of summer!