Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Salt Lake City BBL Style

Last week the bestie and I went school shopping Busy Bee Lauren style, or at lease that was our original plan! The two of us left early in the morning with cutie outfits on, more money than we were ever going to need and of course... my camera!

We got down to SLC and headed straight for out favorite vintage store (which I will not tell you much about because I'm selfish!) and realized that it didn't open for another hour. No worries, we'll just go to the gateway.

First stop Urban Outfitters. Urban is one of the best stores to take pictures in! Everything is displayed all super cutie and they have some of the most uniquely designed outfits. We were in the headband section when I first realized that taking pictures was A MUST! I went to pull out my camera and realized that being a super smartie pants I left the battery charging in my kitchen 25 miles away. First of all can I tell you how much I hate the person who decided that they were going to make a camera where you have to take out the battery to charge the stupid things?! Worst. Idea. EVER!

But who really needs to take pictures of their shopping trip?
Me, I do! The whole trip was ruined after that :(

Or at least I was until I stepped foot in Forever 21! My almost favoritest store on the planet.
Things True Aggie Girl loves:
Cheap + Cute + Unique/Trendy = FOREVER 21

Pictures to come!

Keep coming back because I'll soon list my favorite things to do in SLC and most importantly the secret places that I go to enjoy DELICIOUSNESS!