Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Wigglin' and A Jigglin'

Today I jumped on the bandwagon and tried me some ZUMBA!

It's about time I do some physical activity! I'm starting to feel all rollie pollie :(

My feelings after day one:
ZUMBA is the best thing out there! I am totally not a fan of working out or anything but this was a complete blast and I didn't want to stop.
I'm going to call it dancer-cise! For one whole hour you are shakin' your booty, jumpin' around and movin' your feet. I honestly have never felt so attractive while working out. Yes I know it's weird to feel attractive while you're sweaty and maybe just a little stinky. But for reals, the moves are sexy! I never knew I could shake my booty so well!

I now understand why so many people rave about this form of exercise. I truly feel like I did get a workout.
For example: Today as I was taking the laundry out of the dryer instead of bending over I decided to do squats... I could tell that I has worked out earlier, I was feelin' the burn!

You must go to youtube and watch some of the videos!

What do you do to stay in shape? Do you have a favorite workout routine? Healthy snack? Or are you just naturally sexy without having to do anything?