Monday, September 6, 2010

JCOM 2010- Media Smarts

Sorry everyone, but I have to do an assignment for my Media Smarts class and we have the option of posting the assignment to our blog so of course that's what I chose to do.  Hopefully this is the only time it will happen.

I'm Kelsey, and this is my blog. 

 I'm a sophomore who is a self proclaimed psychology major.  I struggle with declaring a major because I would feel like a quitter if I decided to change it as often as I do in my head.  I love fashion and I would love the opportunity to go study at FIT in New York.  I'm thinking of taking some more classes in FSCE and possibly doing a double major.  I love to cook sew and be crafty.  I'm currently FCSE 3080 (Dress and Humanity) and am making a dress out of wrapping paper for the re-purposed fashion show that will be on the 20th.  I'm really enjoying the challenge! 

I've lived in Utah for most of my life and I don't come from the typical Utah family.   I was born in Federal Way, Washington (near Seattle) and moved to Layton, Utah around age 5.   I'm the oldest of two, my younger brother is a sophomore in high school and is way too close to turning 16. 
I'm 5'3" with brown hair and green eyes.  I'm kind of quiet during my classes, but am one of the loud ones when I get into a comfortable setting.  For the most part I always have an opinion, I don't really enjoy sharing it in front of the class though. I'm not afraid of giving presentations though.  I'm the person who almost always gets ready and looks nice for my classes.  I'm a huge fan of cardigans and scarves, so that's probably what you'll see me wearing for the rest of the semester. 

The type of media I use the most for entertainment would probably be the internet.  

The best roommates I could ever ask for!


Anonymous said...

Your spelling of quiet is not quite right. Love the post though, Mom :)

True Aggie Girl said...

Thanks Mom!