Thursday, September 23, 2010

Aggie Season!

My dear friends, Aggie season has begun! 
I'm not just talking about school starting, or football season.  I'm talking about the fun that happens while i'm away at school!

Lauren and I have already tried on some "super cutie" dresses at the DI.  

Stopping by Six Star party outlet was a MUST!  I just couldn't contain my excitement when I saw that they had brightly colored ski masks. 

I've already suffered from massive amounts of stress!
You may think that i'm just being silly, but in all actuality I'm desperately trying to make myself laugh so I don't go insane.

We've supported our Aggies!

We lost the game :(
I finally purchased the 'I heart Boobies' bracelet that I've been wanting.  It's my cute way of supporting breast cancer research. 

I wore my favorite outfit to church as well as completed my favorite project of all time!  This project helped me realize that I needed to change my major and pursue my dreams/goals.

Lauren's boy toy decided to model my wrapping paper skirt one night.

As you can plainly see, so far it's been a wonderful year!  I love my time spend in Logan.  I love Aggie Season!

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