Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tying Up Loose Strings

The last of SF with the Popsicle.

Once upon a time I went to high school in Utah with a bunch of teenage LDS girls who thought the the musical Wicked was the most amazing musical since Les Miserables.  Day after day I would walk to class being serenaded to by a gaggle (yes, like geese) of girls singing "POPULAR, you're gonna be popular!".

It made me SICK!

Well, while I was in San Francisco my dad and I went and saw Wicked.  

Oh, I forgot this!  My dad took my mom to SF a while back and they went and saw Wicked without me.  I held that over his head until I finally got a trip of my own.  Win on my part!

Back to my story.

Wicked was in fact a very cute musical.  I still don't like the fact that there were so many annoying girls who sang it throughout the halls of my high school and I don't think it's a musical that can compare to Les Miserables, BUT it is very good and has a nice story line. 

My ALL TIME FAVORITE song from Wicked is 'Because I Knew You"!

It's such an emotional song... nearly made me cry alligator tears.

We also went and saw one of my favorite musicals from my childhood, Beauty and the Beast.  
The actual live musical is SO much better than the movie!  There are songs that are FANTASTIC!
Like this one:


This is going to wrap up my San Francisco posts.  
I absolutely loved being able to travel with my dad!  I love him!   A LOT!
We also went on some tours, but after talking about these musicals a post about a bus tour just wouldn't compare to their AMAZINGNESS.

Do you have a favorite musical?

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