Sunday, October 3, 2010

Second Favorite Tradition!

I know the school year is still new but there is one tradition that I think is AWESOME!  It happens during finals week and it's basically the only reason to keep living during that dreadful week in December and May. 
If you have been stuck in the library all week and are looking for a way to unwind would you ever think of howling? Probably not... because you're normal.  Well, here at Utah State we are anything BUT normal!
This fabulous tradition started in spring of 2006, when a group of students started howling at ten o'clock on the Wednesday of finals week in the library to relieve stress and celebrate their love of wolves (freaks!). To the dismay of the librarian, the howling grew louder over the next ten minutes. The police were called. However, by the time the police arrived everything had quieted to a conducive study environment, with a little less tension.
The dream of the founders is for those coming through Sardine Canyon to hear the howling of students letting loose test anxiety at 10 p.m. on the Wednesday of finals week. So no matter where you are on the Wednesday of finals week remember: howl from ten to ten till ten!
I totally participated in this tradition last year and it's the one reason I look forward to finals week this year... oh, and I only have one final that is mandatory!  GO ME!!!

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Anonymous said...

Ten minutes seems a little long, but I can see how it would releave a lot of stress. Howl on!