Friday, October 15, 2010

Found it Online Friday

Yesterday is what my roommates and I called "Impostor Friday", because the University was oh so very kind and declared today as being "fall break".  I don't exactly call one day off of school a break, but we take what they give us and don't complain.

I recently decided that each day of the week is going to have a specific topic, this is me trying to be more consistent with posting and hopefully a little more organized.

Made it This Weekend Monday 
Tutorial Tuesday
Vintage Vensday
Thoughtful Thursday
Found it Online Friday

Saturday and Sunday are free post days, probably because I know I won't have much time to post on Sunday and just because I couldn't think of something clever for Saturday. 

I think youtube is my guilty pleasure, not because I like to watch stupid videos but because I love listening to music videos while i'm getting reading in the morning (or early afternoon).

Recently I purchased Sara Bareilles' new album Kaleidoscope... LOVE IT!  It's no secret that everyone loves her new song "King of Anything", it's the best!  Actually... the whole album is the best, go check it out. 
I looked up the music video for King of Anything and I feel that it must be shared.  It's super cutie!

I told you it was cute!  
I love the dress that she wears towards the end, I want it. 


Erin said...

I love her style and I have this song on replay! haha :) YouTube is my love too.

Marcie said...

Such a cute song! I love it. And your blog is so fun! I love the rock climbing post.

xo M

Anonymous said...

That song by Sarah is great! Love the video. Thanks for your comment on my guest post over at Wild and Precious today! Have a great weekend, Sweetie! xo

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I think it is sad that the University of Utah got the WHOLE WEEK OFF and you guys only got ONE day?! Lame.

HedaWood said...

I love that music video too! And, if it makes you feel any better, BYU doesn't get Fall break or Spring break either.

elise said...

Bah! I looooove Sara Bareille's new album. I listen to it like every day of my life.

Also, I'm slightly bitter that the U got a whole week and we got one lousy day. Is USU's spring break better than theirs? There has got to be some logic to this.

mal blair said...

so, i tried to come up with nifty little saying to have organization to my blog, but i failed miserably. therefore, i give you HUGE props on figuring out cute sayings for each day! :] & i totally agree that one day is a lousy break.. that's how mine was too, at uvu. so, i feel your pain!

Marissa said...

Great song!!!

carlotta said...

Love Sara Bareilles! And I love that video...all the Polaroids are great. :)