Saturday, October 16, 2010

Once I went to Orlando

Once upon a time I went to Orlando, Florida with my family... actually we've been twice.  We go around every five years or so.  Well this year my family went once again.  WITHOUT ME!  For some reason they didn't think it would be worth it to flush thousands of dollars down the drain in order for me to join them.  I guess a college education is more important than spending time with your family, who knew?

Actually I'm totally okay with staying up in Logan while they got to bask in the sun... oh wait, no i'm not!  It got kind of cold up here.  But for realsies I was cool with staying in Logan with my awesome roommates.  We had bunches of fun and I purchased some great things to showcase on "Made it Over the Weekend Monday's".

What I'm not okay with is that my family didn't call me when they got home!  They didn't think it necessary to rub it in my face that they are all nice and tan while I stay pasty white.  My dad didn't even text me saying "Just landed. -Dad" or "We're home. -Dad".  I think it's cute that he always ended his text with "-Dad", because you know I might one day forget that he is in fact my "-Dad".

If one of the three of you read this please call me!  But not from 8:40am-12:30pm or 5:45-9 tomorrow.
I love you all!


Anonymous said...

So....the family vacation was not the same without you. But in my defense I do remember a certain spring break this year to Disneyland that your brother did not get to go on. It's all good in the end. Love, Mom.

Anonymous said...

Just read your blog. Dad