Thursday, October 7, 2010

"How To" Help

I was recently in a bookstore looking around when I noticed that there are quite a few "How To..." books out on the market, they practically have one for EVERYTHING!  How to cook like Julia Child; How to break up with your boyfriend; How to make people like you; How to lie without getting caught; etc.  There are tons of these books and there are tons of suckers willing to purchase a book that claims that it will make you a superstar and whatever you're trying to learn to do.  

I'm a total "How to..." hater, 


There is one book that I am desperately in need of, a book that I would pay big bucks to own, a book that I might just have to write myself.  Where is the book entitled: "How to Survive an LDS Singles Ward While Being Single"?!  Has no one thought to write one?  Really people, you couldn't come up with that one?


I'm in desperate need of some "How to..." advice!  

It seems like everyone can somehow survive the singles wards, but no one knows how to make it an enjoyable experience for those of us who are in fact available, single, good for the pickin'... do you see where i'm going with this?

Please, if you have suggestions please post a comment.  And I would love it if you didn't post it as anonymous (mom and dad) please put something so I might know that it's you (if I do in fact know you personally).  

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Anonymous said...

Be involved (I was one of the leads in the Ward video), do your calling ( I was the FHE ward volleyball coordinator) and when the new person shows up in a black t-shirt and grey sweatpants to play volleyball introduce yourself (turned out to be your Mom), have great friends (hours of playing Hearts, laughing, talking, making memories). Love Dad