Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Almost a Disaster

My Valentines Day was almost ruined, almost went up in flames, was almost a disaster. 

Last week I was sick all week long and all I really wanted was something cinnamon.  When I went home my parents asked me if I wanted anything from the store and amidst sniffles and coughs came the weak reply of "cinnamon bears".  

They ended up not being able to find any but they did bring me gummy bears as a substitute.  It wasn't the same but the love was there.  

On Saturday when I was feeling a little better I ventured to the grocery store with my mom.  While she looked for Super Bowl food I searched for my precious cinnamon bears.  They didn't have any so I threw a mini fit in the middle of the store.

My Valentines Day, a day that I was going to spend alone without anyone to buy me flowers, was going to be ruined because I wasn't going to be able to have my V-Day candy of choice!

Luckily my dad found some at another store and all was well.

I'm not crazy for throwing a mini fit am I?  I mean if the store were to not carry chocolate i'm sure there would be many grown women throwing all out tantrums.  

I'm just trying to justify my childish ways. 

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