Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Daily Outfit

Hello y'all!  I was at a loss of ideas for todays post so here ya go, this is my outfit.  The yellow cardigan was once a full sweater.  I cut the bottom waist band off, cut the sweater down the center front, cut the sweater in half horizontally and then sewed the waist band around my actual waist.  Personally, I like it better as a cardigan.

My roommates weren't home so I had to be ghetto and take a picture of my outfit in the mirror.  Lame!  I'm also wearing the brown boots that can be found in this post.

Tan Headband: Forever 21
Mustard Sweater Turned Cardigan: Target clearance
Brown Cami: Down East Basics clearance 
Brown Belt: Target clearance 
Miley Maxx Skinny Jeans: Walmart clearance
Brown Boots (that you can't see): Head Over Heels 

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