Sunday, February 6, 2011

Morning Mood Boosters

Do you ever wake up feeling "blah" and you know that it's going to be a "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day".  Well here are some Morning Mood Boosters that should get you feeling slightly better about the day ahead of you.

1. Pick one way to spoil yourself that day.
Once you wake up give yourself thirty seconds to think of at least one nice things you can do for yourself that day and then do it!
Maybe you're going to have your favorite cereal for breakfast, go get fro-yo after work, purchase a new pair of earrings.  Pick something that you know will make you happy.  

2. Eat a well balanced meal.
No more grabbing a cookie as you run out the door!  Take the time to eat a nutritious mix of carbs and protein, you'll stay full longer. Try oatmeal or one of my personal favorites, wheat toast with peanut butter.

3. Get some fresh air.
That's easy peasy lemon squeezey if you're in college and walk to class in the morning.  If you don't walk to class like I do try walking out to get the mail (one of my favorite hobbies in the summer!), or rolling down the window as you drive to work (assuming you live somewhere warm).

4. Listen to what nature has to offer.
Even if you can't get outside, listening to the sounds of nature has been shown to reduce the signs of stress. 

5. Focus on feeling good. 
Right after you wake up take five deep breaths and focus on feeling good that day.

6. Drink hot cocoa.
A study recently found that drinks that contain cocoa helped to improve participants moods and alertness.
So take the time to make yourself a cup of cocoa in the morning. Especially if you live anywhere that is nearly as cold as Logan has been recently. 

7. Take a moment to assess yourself.
As you are waking up take the time to notice how you are feeling.  Are your muscles tight?  Do some light stretching.

8. Envision the negative.
Think about what your life would be like if all the great things had never happened.  Imagine what life would be like without your wonderful boyfriend, job, scholarship... whatever. 

9. Breath in some mint. 
Peppermint enhances your mood and attention while also fighting fatigue.  And if you chew on some mint gum you're breath is sure to smell nice when you talk to the cute guy that you sit next to in class.

10. Smile.
Smiling is the simplest was to change your mood.  Spread the good mood wealth by showing off your sexy pearly whites!  

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Rachel said...

love the list :) hot cocoa, fresh air, and listening to nature are probably my top 3 for a good day