Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blogging Tips

here is my list of things that one must have in order to have a wickedly awesome blog.

1. long hair that has been died blond.
2. a unique/ eclectic sense of style.
3. being LDS is a plus.
4. awesome creative abilities.
5. a DSLR camera.
6. a husband.

i kid you not, these are all characteristics of the lovely ladies who write most of the blogs that i read.  

my friend Hannah over at Fashion Diary of a Mormon Girl and i were conversing that no one in the blogging world finds you interesting until you are married.  we both threw our hands up in the air in utter frustration. 

one of my blogging idols even said that her blog didn't become popular until she got married to the missionary that she had be writing about for two years. 

moral of the story: being married makes you cool

ps. i only meet one of the six requirements 


elise said...

Um, yes. What the husband? Sometimes I secretly think "someday, when I'm married, my blog will be cooler." Uh, what's that all about?

Also, you know Hannah? Also, you know Lauren?! Also, I haven't washed my chalkboard mug yet. Also, are you in my zumba class? (M-W at 1?) If you are, I stared at you awkwardly the other day trying to figure it out. If you aren't, I stared at some random girl and probably creeped her out.

Lulu said...

Only #6 applies to me ... I've got a lot of catching up before I'm a cool blogger too! Funny list!


Trisha said...

HAHAHAHAH!!!!!! This totally cracks me up!! I love it! But its true! I follow a lot of married people blogs.. Maybe they have a bigger following because they now have a whole other family that wants to know how they are doing, or maybe married people are just cooler. I don't really know! :)

ohyouprettythings said...

Lol!! I have thought about this too!! All the cool bloggers are married! Dang it! haha Your blog is very cool and cute! :]

Rachel Nell said...

False. You definitely have at least two of those things. Also, check out this blog:
She's single and definitely not blonde.

elise said...

Yup. It's totally you in my Zumba class. And, I look so awkward doing Zumba. So, we should be friends in class as long as you promise not to judge me and write blog posts about my awkwardness. ;)

HannahMarie said...

Okay Kelsey, I just saw this post & laughed out loud because I remember that conversation perfectly! Thanks for the mention. :)