Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just Not My Day!

I'm in a hard core bad mood today!  

My feet were freezing cold all night long so I didn't sleep well.
It's butt freezing cold here in Logan!
My best friend left on his mission today.
I hate my Psychological Statistics class.
I have to locate and watch the movie Capote (rated R) 
for my JCOM class.
I am sick and tired of going to my rat lab everyday!
I haven't been diligent in being spiritual.
I suck at the whole dating issue.
I want to go home!
I had yet another quiz in my Behavior Analysis class today. 
I miss my family and Jesika.
I desperately want to talk with my friends on missions. 

Reasons why I should be happy!

I'm listening to some of the Glee soundtracks.
I'm done with classes for the day.
I just ate lunch. 
I learned how to drive a stick shift last night. 
We had a RS meeting this week!
I was able to talk with Jesika on the phone today.
Skyler called me this morning before leaving to the MTC.
Thanksgiving is coming soon!
I for sure have a job over Christmas break. 
I my family loves me.
I have great friends in my ward!

Well, I guess the day isn't so horrible.  I think I just need some Kelsey time.  I will probably go buy some beads and do crafts later today. 

I hope the rest of you are having a lovely day!


elise said...

Last year I had to watch Munich for that class. I did not love it. So, I'm feelin' for you. Hopefully your day cheers up soon!

Anonymous said...

Driving a stick shift - now that's a skill that few people have today. Love Dad

Anonymous said...

That's why I sleep with socks on. Glad you got your Kelsey time and things are looking up. Love, NT