Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More Cute Craft Ideas

Recycled T-Shirt Flower Necklace - Plum Roses

I hate the ribbon that they used!  I've worked with that exact ribbon and it's really itchy on your neck. 

home . paper glitter garland

Vintage Lucite and Sterling Silver Statement Necklace, Blue Skies

Fabric Flower Grosgrain Ribbon Belt - Aqua and Poppy Red

I'm going to be in St. George for Thanksgiving and I'm going to the annual craft fair... I'm stoked!  It's a family tradition, I don't remember a year where we haven't gone.  I will take mucho amounts of pictures if I can get my hands on the camera. 

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Emma said...

oh my gosh, i wish i was crafty. this stuff is all so cute!