Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Schooly, Schooly, School

I've been swamped with school work since I got back from Thanksgiving break so there has been a severe lack of postage on this blog, sorry!  

This weekend was CR-AAA-ZY! I was up till 3 watching (also known as taking a nap) the new Twilight movie.  Saturday I was up till three again, this time I was playing games and breakin' hearts (not really, but I felt it needed to be added).  Sunday I woke up at 7:30 to be to church by 8:30.  After church I ran over to my friends house to work on our Media Smarts project.  I was there for three hours.  At six there was the First Presidency devotional, at 8:15 was ward prayer, also known as ward stare.  After ward prayer we had a Relief Society Meeting.  Finally I was able to return to my apartment where I worked on my lab report that was due on Monday morning. 

Monday morning at 6:30 I get up to finish said lab report, I work on it until 9:15 when I run to the library to print it off and turn it in by 9:45.  From 10:00 to around 5:00 that night I worked on my portfolio for Dress and Humanities.  6:00 FHE, 9:00 Relief Society weekly meeting, 9:45-11:15 finish up the portfolio and press the submit button.  Shower and all that jazz and go to bed at 12:15.

Tuesday morning 8:20 roommate wakes up, so do I but I fall back asleep.  11:15 I wake up and realize that I turned my alarm off, went back to sleep and missed my first class.  Get up scramble to get ready, run (literally) out the door to the library where I print off the bibliography for my group project that is due at noon.  I press print and speed walk to the printer where I then realize that only one sheet printed but there isn't anything I can do, I don't have the time! I grab the one sheet, pay and then speed walk (i'm a pretty fast speed walker) to class, where I turn in the final project and take a deep breath. 

All my projects have been turned in, and I can finally take a second to breath!

I'm going to the local cheese factory tonight with my friend to celebrate... he doesn't know i'm celebrating, but after this weekend I definitely need it and what better to celebrate with then cheese?

Answer: NOTHING!  


Anonymous said...

We need to watch that Wallace and Grommet movie about "Cheese"! Funny, funny. -NT

Anonymous said...

Going to BYU was a blast and even going there it was fun to laugh at others that took it way to serious. The Letters to the Editor on Tuesday and Thursday were great and a great source of entertainment. Now with all the video, blogs, facebook etc the teasing goes to whole new levels. Great stuff. Love Dad