Wednesday, December 15, 2010

sweet 16 and drives a jellybean

The baby is finally turning sixteen years old!  

I really never though I would see they day when my baby brother started driving, in my mind he's still the chunky little boy who would eat chocolate chips for breakfast.  I forget that others age at the exact same rate I do. 

Well, here's to you Stinky!

Sixteen reasons why I think you're pretty cool:
1. At the family parties you enjoy hiding out in the laundry room with me. 
2. You think I'm the bee's knees, the cats pajamas, the best sister in the world. 
3. You willingly take showers and make it a point to smell good.
4. You can reach the top shelf in the kitchen.
5. You make me laugh... hard. 
6. Even though you once told me I looked fat and ugly in my prom dress I still know you love me. 
7. You secretly want to be just like me. 
8. You constantly stop to look at yourself in the mirror and it makes me smile. 
9. You come to ask me for advice.
10. You were brave enough to ask Ashlyn to Cotillion in person with a single red rose. 
11. You get the funniest look on your face when I jump out from behind corners. 
12. You're better than a box of puppies.  
13. You can't spell, but you sure write good stories.
14. You're super talented! (play the guitar more often)
15. You want a banjo for Christmas... and I think that's AWESOME!
16. You've stopped pooping in my hats.  I sure hope you remember the time you did that because I sure do!

Here's your awesome gift!

The Tortoise
The Jellybean
and MY personal favorite
The Bean

I hope you have a fantastic Birthday! 

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