Friday, December 10, 2010

Dead Week Attire

It's dead week on campus, everyone is ornery, hungry, sick of school and even more sick of studying all their time away.  This is also the week where people where some of their best outfits!  Do ya wanna see what mine looks like?

 Angel and I went to the DI and bought some of the ugliest sweaters we could find!  I am in love with my bunny sweater!

I didn't realize just how dirty the mirror was.  I'll get around to cleaning it one of these days.

The whole outfit in all it's glory!  Ugly sweat shirt, navy blue leggings and children's UGG type boots.  I'm one of those super cool people that have baby feet and am able to wear both children's and womens shoes.  These cute boots were originally $50 and I got them for $13.  I just couldn't pass up that deal!

An up close picture of the beauty that is the bunny sweater. 

The boots and my slightly clean/ slightly dirty bathroom floor and rug. 

The whole shabang and the dirty mirror. Can I just say that I love dead week?  Well... sort of. 

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