Tuesday, December 14, 2010

El Fin

I finished my last final at noon today!  Yay!  It's now time to put on my pajamas, plop myself on the couch and watch me some Gilmore Girls.  The roommates and I just finished season 2 last night.  We've already seen all the seasons but it never hurts to watch them again... and again. 

A couple nights ago we watched the episode where Rory and Jess kiss for the first time.  I was freaking out just a little, I'm totally a fan of Jess. 

Here are the reasons why the girls of apartment 305 are in love with Jess:
Sara: He looks hot when he wears his tan coat (not shown in the clip)
Lauren: He's a bad boy
Kelsey (Me): He reads good books
and then cute little Angel says: He has money!

Can you guess which one of us is the gold digger?

On a side note, you can now post comments on my blog!  I don't know how that function got disabled, but I was beginning to miss all of you.


ahlin said...

duuuude. jess. i love him. and i love this kiss. i still have a hard time choosing between him and logan though... i love logan! but i loved jess first. and let's not even talk about dean. dude's a girl.

and please add his hair to that list. there is nothing better than his hair. and crooked smile. bah. love him.

JMay said...

Oh my gosh, I used to love that show! Yay for finals being done :-)

Melina said...

I looooove Jess! My friend and I used to get into fights because she preferred Dean haha. I maintain that Rory got with Jess at the end of the series