Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Only at BYU

I don't go to BYU, nor do I like BYU, but I do like making fun of them!  Well, at the Y they have a comedy group called... Divine Comedy... they would. 

Well, I am pretty much in love with their new music video Provo Girls, it cracks me up!  I think I watch it about twice a day.  Basically it's hilarious if your LDS, go to BYU, or hate BYU. 

Hahaha!  "We'd marry a tree as long as it served a mission", "eighteen, clueless and baby hungry".  Cracks me up!


Anonymous said...

I swore when I went to BYU that I would never live in Utah. Never say never. After living here for 15 years your Dad and I have created a BYU hater, one of the sad side effects of Utah culture. What is a mother to do? -NT

Anonymous said...

I think this video is hilarious by the way. As a freshmen I was just trying to figure out how to date and carry on a normal conversation with a guy. Anything Mrs. wise scared me to death. But I do remember girls who truely were looking for that alledged Mrs. degree. -NT