Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We Pretend We're in Italy

I recently watched the movie Eat, Pray, Love starting Julia Roberts

and hated the movie!  The only thing I enjoyed was the philosophy she had while in Italy.  The main character feels that because she is in Italy that she's going to have fun and eat, eat, eat.  To her calories don't matter and that if she gets a muffin top it only means that it's time to purchase some new pants. 

On Saturday the best friend and I went down to The Gateway in Salt Lake City to do some Christmas shopping.  We're horrible friends and bought each others presents while the other was there.  I've been away at school for too long for her to have picked up on the things that I like and want.

She got me these Snap Photo Frames from Urban Outfitters

I'm totally diggin' on Polaroid snapshots these days. 

After we were all shopped out we went to Decades, my favorite vintage store... or at lease it was my favorite vintage store.  It was a total bust!  We're now looking for new places to shop.

After that disaster we went to Tony Caputo's, my all time favorite place to eat in SLC.

Jesika and I wandered around the market (picture shown above) tasted olive oil and balsamic vinegar, browsed through the cheeses, looked at homemade pasta and then realized we were starving.

We both ordered the Tony Caputo sandwich which they describe as being a taste of Cosenza Italy.  It has prosciutto, mortadella, salami, provolone, lettuce, tomato, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  It's sooooo good!  Everyone drive to Salt Lake and go get one NOW!  We were sufficiently stuffed after eating our sandwiches but Jesika had never tried a cannoli and had never been to Carlucci's bakery (which is next to Caputo's).  I decided that no matter how full we were that dessert was mandatory because today we were pretending to be in Italy. 

The two of us ordered a cannoli,

a Nutella brownie, and one raspberry butter cream brownie. 

 We shared everything.

The canoli was by far the best!
I wouldn't recommended getting the Nutella brownie, it was a disgrace to Nutella. 

If you ever stop by Carlucci's bakery I would also recommend:
The black and white cookie (my brother's favorite)
The pumpkin whoopee pie (only available in the fall) 

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simplyvonne said...

glad to know that I wasnt the only one that hated the movie..it was so boring that I fell asleep watching it..woke up and it was still on!! that movie is like 10 hrs long!!! :D